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If you are concerned about you and your family during these ever-changing times of crisis and are looking for a way to be prepared for other future issues. Then Weather Vane Patriots Club may be the place for you.

Weather Vane Patriots is a brand-new National Club with a fresh approach. We do not care about your race, religion, creed, financial status, personal beliefs. We only care about joining like minded Americans, banning together with great thoughts, opinions, bonding, willing to learn and defend yourself and others in time of crisis.

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Weather Vane Survival Supplies are one of the foremost suppliers of Survival Kits & Products, Emergency KitsProtective GearsHelmetsPouches and Adventure Meals.

Disasters take many forms, so it’s always worth having emergency items you need within reach. Survival kits provide everything you need to withstand a disaster. The Survival Kits provides you with the bare necessities in an emergency situation.

Weather Vane Survival Supplies adventure meals have consistently been the premier choice of campers, backpackers, and survival experts.  We offer convenient, healthy freeze dried and dehydrated food for emergency response.

Weather Vane Survival Supplies include several types of protective gears, pouches, bandages, tapes, sponges, sterilization wipes, gloves and medical tools. Emergency essentials kits can help you respond to natural disasters or other serious situations.

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