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Comprehensive Checklist of Bug Out Bag Essentials

Emergencies can happen at any time and the only response that we have for them is to be prepared. Who would’ve thought that the beginning of a new decade would bring a pandemic with itself but it did and all we were told to combat this deadly virus was to “be prepared”, isn’t it? The best response to any emergency is to be prepared for all the upcoming situations. When we talk about combating emergency situations, one of the most common terms we find is “bugging out”.

It’s pretty common a word when we are discussing natural calamities or any emergency. Bugging out is basically a person’s decision to leave the home which is in response to any unexpected condition Whether the condition is natural or is caused due to mankind, bugging out is the response that follows. In any such scenario, a person requires a bug-out bag. One can even find Bug out kits for sale online.

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Let us explore what are some of the essentials that are available in a bug out bag or if you are preparing a bug out bag for yourself, you must have all of it in your bag:

Supplies for Cleaner Air

Without clean air, you wouldn’t even be able to survive more than 3 minutes. Hence, it is important to have an air filtration mask in your bug-out bag. If you have a bug out bag and there is no air filtration mask in it, you can find bug out kits for sale online from where you can buy masks and stock yourself up.

Shelter during Emergency

In the middle of a storm or in the wilderness after being homeless, shelter is what you would require the most. A tent is an essential part of the bug out bag. In a prevailing emergency condition, you wouldn’t be able to find tent any shelter and a waterproof survival tent is going to be extremely helpful for you.
In addition to a survival tent, you will also require a sleeping bag and space blanket. If your bug out bag doesn’t have any one of these, it is better to stock yourself up with these supplies. You can easily find all survival bug out bag supplies for sale on survival supplies store.

Staying Hydrated on Your Way

Even if you are under abnormal living conditions, clean drinking water is something that you cannot compromise from, isn’t it? Now, when you are out there in the wilderness, there is absolutely no guarantee of clean and fresh drinking water, and to combat that what you can do is to have water bottles/bladders, and a water filtration system. There are even water filtration tablets that can be extremely beneficial to purify all kinds of water that you can get in these situations.

Food For Survival

Until you get relief from somewhere, you must have enough food with yourself that can last up to three days. In your bug-out bag, make sure that you have ample of ration with you if and when you land in such a situation. Keep small packages of food in your bag. Survival bags are meant for survival supplies and you cannot have a large quantity of food with yourself which is why to keep the relevant quantity of food and make sure to have enough of it to make it last up to 72 hours.

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Clothing in the Bug Out Bag

When you are out on your own, you need to have clothes that will help you survive any such situations. A sturdy pair of cold weather gloves must be in your bag that can help you in getting a better grip and can prevent cutting your palms as well as exposing them to any infections. Have a waterproof jacket, a headgear, and at least one pair of extra clothes with you. Make sure to carry only what is necessary to ensure extra space for survival supplies.

Extras You Must Have

  1. Lighters/Matches for Fire Starters
  2. Hand Warmers and Foot Warmers to combat extreme cold
  3. Flashlight
  4. A First Aid Kit
  5. Prescription Medicines that you take regularly
  6. Bandages and Band-aids
  7. Tools – axe, shovel, multipurpose tools

You can find survival bug out bag supplies on sale and keep them in your bag. Remember, being prepared for any emergency is a battle won halfway.


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