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NAQWA SWR-SPRING represents a high quality and cost effective drinking water solution for bottled water replacement, emergency preparedness and recovery, field ops, military, campers, outdoorsmen, hikers, RV’ers, missionaries, rural communities, and for travel. These are small, light-weight, inexpensive, portable and simple-to-operate units with an anticipated shelf life of up to 36 months; making them ideal for emergency storage in anticipation of disasters, especially to remedy the crisis of contaminated water following an emergency. NAQWA SWR-SPRING drinking water recoveries6 provide a lifeline for those that survive natural disasters only to potentially become ill though lack of clean drinking water. NAQWA SWR-SPRING units also protect the health of first responders in such emergencies. SPRING is best for Emergency use.
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2 reviews for NAQWA SWR-SPRING 

  1. Roth Ward

    A great buy for emergency situations and travel purposes.

  2. Martin Hendrix

    I tested it with dirty water and it cleaned it up.

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