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Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Bug Out kits

A bug out bag (BOB) is a self-contained kit that is designed to help you survive at least 72 hours. In case of a sudden and imminent threat, it wouldn’t be possible to just run away from your home. Natural disasters, storms, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic explosions, don’t warn you before striking you.

In this volatile world, it would be foolish to take chances and not be prepared beforehand. The acts of violence, explosions, oil spills are normal and can strike the face of the earth without warning, so bug out kits available for sale online are a great buy. Here are some essentials of the survival bug out bag that you must ensure.
Water – You must have 1 liter of water per day mark, for proper hydration. Before you buy the 72-hour bug out kits for sale online, be sure that it contains 3 liters of fresh drinking water minimum. Other than water, you need water filtration and purification tablets as well.

Food – This is survival and not a vacation bag. Simple and easy-to-prepare meals are a must to help your sail through the tough times. Canned meats, soups/stews, and beans are great options. The content of survival bug out bag supplies for sale usually has dehydrated camping meals. The shelf-life of some food items is more and stay consumable for a long time. Some Bug out kits for sale online, have a self-igniting stove in their pack of contents.

Shelter – Being prepared for the worse is an important thing to consider. Regardless of climatic conditions pack some of the following:

• 2 pairs of wool hiking socks
• 2 changes of underwear
• 1 extra pair of pants (not blue jeans and preferably not 100% cotton)
• 1 base layer thermal underwear
• 1 warm fleece hat
• 2 extra shirts (1 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve)
• 1 mid-weight fleece
• 1 warm rain jacket
• 1 heavy-duty military poncho (can be found at any Army/Navy Surplus)
• 1 pair of comfortable waterproof hiking boots

Survival Bug out supplies kits available online usually have the essentials, so when confused you can always go for the pre-packed ones.

First Aid – Every Survival bug out kit must have a first aid kit with some essentials. Bandages, relief spray, disinfectant, etc. are a must.

Tools and Gears – Survival Knife, full-tang, fixed-blade knife. A multipurpose knife can be a great option for chopping, self-defense, splitting, and also for other daily chores. Besides the knife, you must carry an LED flashlight, LED light on a keychain, or in any other form to ensure you have a handy light source always.

You must understand the importance of a bug-out kit. Don’t impulsively buy the bug-out kit for sale available online. Instead, invest some time in researching more on the contents of the bug out kit and what you need the most.

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